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Most Popular Tourist Attractions in The USA

The USA is home to many exciting cities that offer beautiful landscapes, popular water sports, opportunities for skiing and snowboarding, sea kayaking and windsurfing as well as the various National Parks that proves to be very entertaining during certain times of the year. Lets take a closer look at some top places of interest in the USA.

Manhattan Times Square

Times Square Scycrapers

Times Square Skyscrapers. Photography source

One of the top attractions that pulls in a lot of tourists yearly is the bustling Times Square in Manhattan.

Times Square

Times Square closer look. Photography source

More than 47 million people visited this area during 2011. The whole area is lit up and speaks to everyone with its vibrant animated Led and neon signs. This area gets special attention during New Years when the popular New Year’s Eve Ball Drop takes place. Millions of visitors from all over pour into the city during this popular holiday celebration in the USA.

New York Times Square

Another photo of Times Square Manhattan New York. Photography source

Washington D.C

Washington DC

Washington DC landscape from the top of the US Capital Dome. Photography source

Washington Monument

The Washington Monument. Photography source

The Washington Monument, a large white-colored obelisk is located at the west end of the National Mall. In 2007, The Washington Monument was ranked #12 on the AIA 150 America’s Favorite Architecture list.

Washington DC containing some of the oldest parks that are protected, the National Mall & Memorial Parks consist of some 1,000 plus acres of land that include the Lincoln, Washington, and Jefferson Memorial halls.

Washington DC - Lincoln Memorial

Lincol Memorial hall, Washington DC. Photography source

Freedom Plaza, on Pennsylvania Avenue is a open space composed mostly of stone and inlaid with a map of the District of Columbia. This is definitively place you must visit.

Freedom plazza

Freedom Plazza, Washington DC. Photography source

The western end of the plaza contains a large fountain. In 1988, a time capsule containing a Bible, a robe, and other relics of King’s was planted at the site. It will be reopened in 2088. Freedom Plaza is a popular place for political protests, civic events, and (despite its official prohibition) skateboarding.

Fountain, Freedom plazza

Fountain, Freedom Plazza. Photography source

Next tourist attraction you must visit is The Supreme Court Building.

The Supreme Court Building

The Soupreme Court Building. Photography source

The Supreme Court Building is the seat of the Supreme Court, the highest judicial body in the United States.

You can be sure that both local and international holiday makers will make a pit stop over here. An estimated 25 million visitors made it part of their itinerary to stop here during 2011.

The World’s Magic Kingdom – Disney World in Florida

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom, Disney World, Florida. Photography source

Each and every year, millions of tourist come to see various Disney characters which include the Magic Kingdom that was the first theme park created.

Walt Disney Park

Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Photography source

Disney's Magic Kingdom

Daylight photo of Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Photography source

Main attractions include Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Disney Dreams Come true Parade, and the Galaxy Palace Theater.

Several tours are being held during special times of the year to provide extra entertainment opportunities during holidays in the USA.

San Francisco Fisherman’s Warf

Fisherman's Warf

Fisherman’s Warf in San Francisco. Photography source

The famous city by the Bay receives on average around 14 million visitors every year of which the Fisherman’s Warf is one of the top attractions in San Francisco, and with good reason. The area is well known for its scrumptious seafood, beautiful views of the Bay, historic waterfront and open shopping malls next to the waterfront where some boats still operate from.

Fishermans Warf SF

Fisherman’s Warf. Photography source

The whole atmosphere is mesmerizing and a pleasure to experience. Is it any wonder that tourists and locals love to watch the various talented street performers and visit seafood restaurants during holiday time in the USA.


Pier 39. Photography source

Fisherman Warf

Fisherman’s boats Photography source

Niagara Falls, N.Y

Niagara Falls

Helicopter photo of Niagara Falls. Photography source

Another main attraction is the Niagara Falls that straddles the US and Canadian border. It remains popular and sure is any photographer’s dream.

Niagara falls NY

Closer photo of Niagara Falls. Photography source

Niagara Falls

Beatiful Niagara Falls, NY at night. Photography source

The Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee

Great Smoky Mountains, NC, Route 441

National Park in Tennessee. Beatiful. Photography source

Known as the USA’s most visited National Park, the Great Smoky Mountains hosts millions of birders, drivers and hikers each year. More so than the Yosemite or Grand Canyon.

Great Smoky Mountains, Gatlinburg, TN

Great Smoky Mountains, Gatlinburg, TN. Photography source

It goes without saying that visitors to some of the most extraordinary places in the USA need to get their itineraries organized and make themselves ready for an experience of a lifetime during US public holidays.

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