Top Five Reasons to Visit Australia

2. To visit the Wilpena Pound in South Australia:

 The beautiful amphitheatre of mountains is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Australia. The main activity that tourists indulge in, when they go to Wilpena Pound is bushwalking. Visitors can also climb to St. Mary Park or go for camping. Scenic flights are obtainable from this place for tourists to admire the beautiful view.

This beautiful place is located almost 430 kilometers, north of Adelaide. Wilpena Pound is the most popular tourist site in the Flinders Ranges. This place is beautiful to marvel at but not a safe place to go for hiking. The peaks starting from Reggie’s Nob to the Mount Abrupt are extremely bumpy and crude. The thick scrub inside the Wilpena Pound makes the walking quite difficult. However, the arena of mountains is so spectacular that it summons you to visit Australia.

Wilpena Pound

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