Top Five Reasons to Visit Australia

3. To see the Great Ocean Road in Victoria:

The Great Ocean Road stretches for about 243 kilometers along the blue Indian Ocean. It is a National Heritage of Australia. The Great Ocean Road connects the city of Torquay with the city of Allansford. The Great Ocean Road was built in the memory of soldiers who were killed during the First World War. This Road is the largest war memorial of the world.

It winds through the fluctuating terrain along the coastline and provides access to some beautiful landmarks such as the Twelve Apostles. The Great Ocean Road is one of the best tourist attractions in Australia.

The Twelve Apostles is an accumulation of limestone stacks on the beach, near Port Campbell, Victoria. This beautiful landscape can be seen from the Great Ocean Road. There are eight apostles left currently on the beach but the name remains unchanged in the tourism industry of Australia. The apostles were naturally produced by erosion. The harsh weather conditions from the Southern Ocean eroded the limestone to produce caves in the cliffs, which broke down into these stacks which are about 45 meters high. The limestone stacks can be further affected by the mighty sea waves.

The Great Ocean Road in Victoria provides such beautiful and spectacular sights that you would cherish visiting it for a lifetime.

Great Ocean Road, Australia

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