Top Five Reasons to Visit Australia

4. To visit the Kimberley in Western Australia:

The exciting coastline of the Kimberley, Western Australia can be viewed from a boat or a helicopter. The rugged landscape of the Kimberley will surely enthrall you. The rich flora and fauna that you can find in Kimberley would delight you.

It is not difficult to reach Kimberley in Western Australia. You can take a bus from any city of Australia and reach there. If you take a cruise trip, you would be able to get the beautiful coastal views.

The Kimberley comprises steep, ancient mountain ranges of Australia which are cut through with limestone and sandstone ridges and gorges. The tropical monsoon climate of the Kimberley enhances its beauty. The rugged limestone and sandstone landscape provides shelter to a variety of wildlife.

You can find plenty of Darwin eucalyptus and Darwin Stringybark in the Kimberley. The boab trees and savanna woodland trees enhance the beauty of the place. You can find plenty of beautiful birds in the Kimberley such as Pacific Koel, Channel-Billed Cuckoo and Purple-Crowned Fairy wren. You can also find the saltwater crocodile, different types of frogs and toads. The Kimberley is definitely one of the most fascinating and breathtaking places in Australia.


5. To see the Lake Hillier, Recherche Archipelago in Western Australia:

The Lake Hillier will surely be able to mesmerize you as nowhere in the world, you can find a pink lake. The rose pink color of the lake is permanent and its beautiful color would simply amaze you to the core. The color of the lake won’t even fade if you store it in a container. The lake is situated on the Middle Island. The Middle Island is the largest of all the islets and islands that form the Recherche Archipelago in Western Australia.

The fascinating part of the lake is that it is quite mysterious as scientists have not been able to figure out the exact reason behind the pink color of the lake. Some scientists say that the pink color is due to the dye created by halophilic bacteria present in the lake. The pink lake can be viewed only from a helicopter. The lake is encircled by a fringe of sand and thick woodland of eucalyptus and paper bark trees.

Apart from the top 5 reasons mentioned above, Australia has plenty of other attractions which mesmerize people visiting Australia. The Uluru and Kakadu National Park in Northern territory are also some beautiful places to visit in Australia. The plenty of wineries in Yaara valley located in South Australia are spectacular. It is true that travelling in Australia is expensive but you would cherish this trip forever. It is definitely once in a lifetime opportunity to visit Australia which you should not miss at any cost. Australia is also well known for its countless festivals and rocking nightlife. You would surely have the best time of your life in Australia.

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