Top Five Reasons to Visit Venice

 1. To be amazed by every canal and gondola that you would encounter:

 This is the first reason to visit Venice. The beautiful city of Venice is a romantic destination in Italy. The intricate network of canals and the gondolas that you can spot, makes Venice one of the most romantic cities in the world. The canals, bridges and houses create a unique ambiance which is enjoyed by the tourists. Newlyweds often come to Venice for their honeymoon as the city provides the perfect ambiance for love and togetherness. You can watch the sundown over the beautiful city of Venice and you would find yourself falling in love with Venice, then and there.

Every bridge that would cross in Venice would fill you up with wonder. The magical atmosphere would charm you totally and you can take plenty of pictures there with your beloved or friends.

You can take the Grand Canal tour to get around Venice. A ride on a water bus of Venice is a fun method of transport. Alternatively, you can take a vaporetto to take the Grand Canal tour. You can enjoy the beautiful sights along the way and wonder about the significance of the marvelous buildings.

If you love picnics, then you can enjoy a picnic with your friends on the banks of the beautiful Grand Canal. You can buy fine cheese, cured meat, Veneto wines and savory spreads from the neighboring markets to enjoy this joyful picnic.

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