Top Five Reasons to Visit Venice

2. To get mesmerized by the architecture of Venice:

 The architecture of Venice is very unique and incomparable because it is a blend of Byzantine style and Gothic and Renaissance. The tourists are often surprised to see that the entire city was built on stilts. San Marco Basilica and Palazzo Ducale are some of the buildings that speak about the rich architecture of Venice.

The St. Mark’s Basilica is a beautiful church in Venice. It looks beautiful because of the marble pillars of various colors and the large onion domes. The mosaics in floor to ceiling look so wonderful that it is bound to captivate you. Within the basilica, there are three small museums which you would surely love to visit.

The narrow alleys and streets of Venice also speak a lot about its break-taking architecture. You can just get lost in the intricate maze of the alleys and streets of Venice and try to find your way without using a map. It is really fun to get lost in this beautiful city. You would enjoy yourself by wandering in these narrow alleys and empty streets.

Bridge in Venice

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