Top Five Reasons to Visit Venice

5. To attend the happening Venice carnival:

 If you love to attend events, parties and social gatherings, you would definitely be delighted by the Venice carnival. The happening Venice carnival takes place during February. Plenty of tourists come to Venice to attend this rocking carnival. If you want to go on a trip with your friends, think of visiting Venice in the month of February.

The carnival continues for two weeks. A number of costume balls, parades, ceremonies, masquerades and festivities can be found in the city during this time. Tourists love to visit Venice during this time so that they can participate in the carnival and enjoy the Venetian culture wonderfully.

These are the top 5 reasons to visit the romantic, beautiful and magical city of Venice. Apart from these reasons, the Doge’s palace, the Burano Island, the Torcello Island and the Rialto Market are also some great places to visit in Venice. The cuisine of Venice will also be able to make you happy. Venice is a place which you would love to explore. Every day, you will be surprised to find something new about this city. This city is an ideal destination to visit with your partner or your gang of friends.

Venice Carnival

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