Warm Places To Travel In The World

Top Warm Places To Travel

Warm Places To Travel

One third of the world’s lands are comprised by deserts. Traveling to these warm locations can be fun and challenging as well. Dehydration and skin burns are quite common among travelers to these exotic destinations. Deserts are known to have some of the toughest weathers in the planet, take for example the Azizia desert in North Africa that registered in 1922 66 C (150 F). Extreme hot can be dangerous if basic precautions are not taken. A lot of water, sports drinks, and solar protection such as sunscreen, umbrellas, and hats should always be part of your primary luggage.

The Death Valley

The Death Valley that covers part of California and Nevada is an unquestionable candidate to one of the hottest places in the world. This location has registered temperatures as high as 56 C (134 F) and it is believed by the experts that due the aggressive changes in the global environment these deserts will only become even hotter in the near future. The Death Valley holds a record as the place that has kept the warmest temperatures for an extended period of time, from July 6 – August 17, 1917 this desert maintained a temperature above 48 C (120 F). In the United States at least 8 of 10 of the hottest places are located in Arizona with Avondale raking first and averaging temperatures of 42 C (107 F).

Africa and Tirat Tavi

Libia where the Azizia desert is located suffers dramatic weather changes year round, the hot breeze known by the locals as “Ghibli” can arrive without warning and increase the temperature above 20 C (68 F) in just a couple of hours.

Among the warmest inhabited places in the planet we can mention Tunisia and Mali where average temperatures round 54 C (130 F) and air conditioning is considered a luxury available only for wealthy people. Travelers to these countries should keep this well in mind as there is almost no escape from the furious hot weather. A good idea is wear light clothing and always have a bottle of water with you. Outside of Africa the area of Tirat Tavi in Israel is also a nominated candidate to one of the hottest regions in the world, temperatures here are usually at 47 C (117 F). Israel is more developed in terms of tourism therefore escaping from the hot weather is easier with air conditioning commonly available at all the touristic spots.

Travel experts believe that it is harder to make it through the cool weather, so don’t let the hot weather keeping you from traveling to those exotic locations you have always dreamed to visit.

Guest Post by Charlotte S. Arocha:

Charlotte S. Arocha enjoys the warm tropical weather of Central America and writes about it at www.sunsetscostarica.com/blog a travel blog about Costa Rica destinations, tours and more.

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